Essenthia Spa & Wellness

The large space dedicated to wellness, is a temple of relaxation, beauty and well-being where to rediscover the harmony of body and mind.
Soft environments, background music, white sponge set, ergonomic chaise longue, create the right atmosphere to promote psychophysical wellbeing thanks to a wide range of beneficial and revitalizing treatments performed in beauty rooms by experts in the field.


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Finnish Sauna

Dry heat bath at about 80 ° C, effective for muscle relaxation and free your mind from everyday stress. The dilation of the pores and the abundant perspiration contribute to the cleaning of the skin and the expulsion of toxins from the body.

Turkish Bath

Steam with a temperature of about 36 ° C, effective for purifying the tissues, cleanse the skin and fortify the respiratory system. It also reduces, stress and muscle tension.

Waterfall Ice

At the exit of the sauna and Turkish bath is recommended to take a cold shower and use the crushed ice to lower the body temperature, facilitate blood circulation and get a pleasant feeling of freshness and vitality.


Five different showers offer an incredible feeling of wellbeing and relaxation through the stimulation of all the senses through the use of synergistic colors, flavors and jets of water at different temperatures.

Cabin Salt

This is a cabin covered with tiles of iodized salt, supplemented by a 15 cm layer of salt in bulk, scattered on the floor, where some color therapy lights give a beautiful effect of light back and at regular intervals is vaporized saline solution, while in the room spreads a slight warmth.

Water Relaxation

Heated water mattress with an adjustable temperature from 26 ° C to 36 ° C. The muscles relax, the weight is distributed evenly and blood circulation, encountering no pressure points on the body, is facilitated.

Relax Pool

Immerse yourself in the pleasant warmth of the charming pool and relaxation lulled you will discover all the beneficial effects of water and hydro therapy.


For the sensory awareness of body and mind get carried away by pleasant sensations of a massage performed by expert hands. Be enveloped by the scent of precious natural oils and essences, ease tension, relieve your body, clear your mind.

Relaxing aromatherapy / 30′

It gives a deep physical and mental wellbeing , balancing humor and blood and lymphatic circulation.

€ 40

Stress / 50′

Dissolve stress, muscle tension and joint locks giving a pleasant state of relaxation and flexibility.

€ 60

Ayurvedic Massage / 60′

A massage that helps restore mental and physical balance and peace of mind by stimulating the main energy points of the body.

€ 75

Massage Essenthia / 50′

A deep massage that combines maneuvers decontracting and relaxing to donate a state of harmony and inner well-being.

€ 70

Rebalancing citrus / 50′

Different massage techniques together to treat the whole body with particular attention to the reflex zones of the feet, hands and face. Donate relaxation, and a renewed and deeper contact with themselves, away muscle tension and mental.

€ 65

Candle massage / 50′

Massage with scented candle chosen by the customer.

€ 70

Reflexology / 25′

Through a careful and pleasant massage of the feet are stimulated by specific reflex points that help to correct imbalances functional mind and body, giving a deep sense of well-being.

€ 30

Stone massage / 60′

Executed with hot lava stones , loosens tense muscles and promotes proper blood flow and energy throughout the body. It detoxifies , relieves stiff muscles and calms the mind.

€ 90

Draining / 30′

Gives lightness to the heavy legs , oxygenates the tissues , improves blood and lymph circulation. Facilitates the removal of toxins that cause edema and skin orange peel.

€ 50

Are you pregnant / 30′

Recommended in pregnancy , improves circulation, relieves swelling and heaviness in the legs.

€ 40


Relaxing massage with aromatherapy / 50′

€ 115

Relax / 30′

€ 90

Massage Candle / 50′

€ 130