The Parco dei Principi Hotel Congress and SPA has been designed and built with materials and technologies of last generation that have as their primary goal the eco-sustainability.

Our professional staff, our suppliers, our technicians have shared with us the idea to design, build and live our built environment in terms of sustainable environmentally, socially and economically.

Respect for the environment and the cultural context are closely related and represent for us the fundamental topics of business ethics.

The overall project of the Parco dei Principi Hotel Congress & SPA is inspired by the refusal of invasive and pollutant models, as well as standardized formulas of hospitality.

Barefoot in Lama Balice Park

The entire hotel complex is located in Lama Balice Regional Park, which covers more than 100 hectares of the Mediterranean scrub we have largely retrained, re-naturalized and returned to the enjoyment of everybody. Within the private park (33,000 square meters) it is possible to admire Maselli Gironde farm, a rural eighteenth century structure, which is a relevant evidence of Apulia’s peasant civilization.

We have been storing and promoting with passion these precious jewels we inherited from Mother Nature, therefore we constantly offer our guests the enjoyment of a stroll through the scents and colors of the Mediterranean vegetation, as well as longer and challenging excursions in the Park.

The first hotel in Puglia with charging station for electric cars.

Parco dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa is the first hotel in Puglia to host a fast charging station for electric cars. The charging station has been placed in the parking area of the new hotel that is located near the airport of Bari, in collaboration with the EVcharging Ltd., a company that provides certified electricity produced from renewable sources. As a demonstration of its commitment to the development of a hospitality project sustainable, the green choice of Parco dei Principi is enhanced with electric mobility, a further important step for a customer service increasingly focused on green growth and sustainable.

Parco dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa has embraced the goal of EVcharging

Providing a comprehensive network of services to increase electric mobility and grow a new way of thinking and living our city, helping to make them the green city of the future .

The scope of charging infrastructure, which allows you to supply the range of a battery pack from 150-180 km in about 4-6 hours, is a forerunner of what would become standard over the next seven years.

Construction process in harmony with the land.

The entire building features internal walls made with natural materials such as Tufo, which is certified stuff coming from local quarries.

The outside walls have a coat lining coupled with a ventilated facade. The glass surfaces are made with low-emissivity materials.

All the rooms and public areas of the hotel are decorated with furniture factory-made without formaldehyde.

Only water-based paints were used. The building is also equipped with a rainwater recovery system which is used only for irrigation purposes.

Energy is a treasure that we cannot waste.

The entire structure is regulated by a control system that manages the switching on and off of the plants when not in use. All incandescent lamps have been replaced with the latest generation LED lamps, which are entirely cold. The rooms are operated by magnetic cards to optimize fuel consumption. The television sets are classified as LED appliances and mini-bar belongs to the A + + + class. In the kitchen, induction plates allow to cook rapidly and without heat loss, as well as ovens are thermo-ventilated. The electricity supply is certified to a 60% influx from renewable sources. The powder intake system is centralized, this means that either individual carpet cleaners or collections of individual bags for disposal have been replaced by containers for the collection of the powders, which follow a particular chain of disposal.

Waste separation.

In partnership with the institutions responsible for public urban sanitation, a worthy path in the field of waste management was started. All our Heads of Department have been trained in this direction. A full waste recycling system is in place and is meant to reduce the amount of volumes due to returnable bottles, packaging and gradual elimination of food single-doses.

Water is our valuable asset.

The water distribution systems have been designed and implemented to minimize energy consumption, in collaboration with the technicians of GROHE, leading company in the field of drains for toilets and aerator diffusers for showers and taps. The bathrooms are equipped with electronic systems aimed to reduce consumption to a minimum degree by mixing the water at the right temperature. All the water input is treated with an innovative system of UV, absolutely devoid of any chemical product, aimed to the full destruction of any bacteria. The production of sanitary hot water takes place through the use of high efficiency solar panels, moreover it is compensated by an induction boiler with heat recovery units. All pipes are protected with insulating materials and covered with sheets of aluminum.

Hygrometric comfort.

The whole structure is served by a system of air washing that implies the use of disposable filters, periodically replaced, which guarantee the prevention of allergies and, at the same time, ensure a total and correct humidification in all areas.

Healthy food and local cuisine.

Our kitchen areas are equipped with fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables coming from local markets. Our chefs are committed to enhance a healthy and tasty food with an attentive eye to local and traditional recipes. The typical and local cousine, as well as the use of local products, are constantly promoted in our buffets, including breakfast.